Why squeeze in when you can

At Sante and Wade we are passionate about breaking rules:
Exclusive footwear from size 38 to 46
in standard and wide.


About Us

At Sante and Wade, we believe every woman should experience the emotion that comes with finding something beautiful that fits perfectly, whatever the occasion.

That’s why we create shoes for the modern woman who needs a longer or wider fit.

We care deeply about all the steps that go into creating our shoes. They are manufactured using our own custom-developed lasts, providing exceptional levels of comfort and fit. We have also partnered with luxury consultancies in Europe, to ensure we are bringing the highest levels of cratfsmanship to the production process.

Our shoes say it all. Splashes of colour and sumptuous lining, lavish textures and timeless silhouettes.

At the heart of our brand is a commitment to individuality, encouraging women from all paths to stand out and be bold.

So wear your dreams on your feet. Walk your own way.

Our Values


Clean lines, vibrant colours and unusual prints


Focusing on wider and longer sizes, while providing exceptional levels of comfort


Take a peek behind the scenes at Sante + Wade. Our blog is the best place to keep up to date on all brand news and views, from what we’re wearing to what we’re watching, and everything that inspires us at home and when we travel.

Welcome to our world, we hope you’ll like it here!

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Meet The Team


Shola Asante / Managing Director

Former journalist, writer and now avid sketcher of shoes, conceived the brand after trying and failing repeatedly to find footwear that fit and reflected her sense of style.

She’s a size 42 wide, with bunions and flat feet.

At some point you just have to stop waiting for others to recognise your value. And if your needs aren’t being met, then sometimes you need to do it for yourself. That’s what we are doing: creating beautiful shoes for women who have been made to feel less than. Because really, we’re all Cinderella ladies and everyone is invited to the ball!

Meet The Team


Agnès Cushnie / Marketing Director

Marketing expert and founder of swimwear label Agnes Valentine; used her expertise in the fashion industry to further develop the idea into a working business model.

She’s a size 42, has an impressive selection of designer shoes too painful to wear, and flat shoes unintentionally became her thing.

I wore uncomfortable shoes so many times in the name of fashion, as there simply weren’t enough options in my size. Our commitment is to create high quality, beautiful shoes, that deliver optimal levels of comfort and fit your lifestyle. This is your moment to finally make a statement!

Meet The Team


Marcy Oni / Social Media Influencer

Actress and TV presenter, uses her footprint in key international markets to understand and respond to customer needs and wants.

She’s a size 37, serial buyer of heels.

I have no doubt a great pair of heels can make you feel like you can conquer the world. Our shoes will make you look great and feel sensational.

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