Shoe Glossary Part II

A-Z of Shoes Part II

Our last post gave you a quick summary of the world of shoes from A-L. Are you sitting (or standing) comfortably?

Get your geek on for shoe anatomy part two.

The ultimate guide to help you step up your footwear game.

Medallions: The pattern created by perforating shoes (typically seen in men’s brogues). They are often on the toe area and frequently symmetrical. Not to be worn around your neck.

Mocassin: A shoe style that originated among Native Americans. It’s a slip-on, made with one piece of u-shaped leather, gathered and sewn in a simple seam at the top. Perfect for when you want to rock that Pocahontas look.

Monk Strap: You’ll always recognise a monk strap from its signature side buckles that pass over the instep to close a shoe rather than laces.

Mule: A shoe with no back or constraint around the heel. Originally found solely in a woman’s boudoir, these daring, sexy shoes have finally made it out in the light of day. Not to be confused with its backless cousin, the wooden clog.

Nappa: A butter-soft full grain leather made from the skin of a sheep, kid, or goat. You’ll love the way it feels on your feet.

Oxford: The shoe that most men reach for if attending a wedding or job interview. Unlike the Derby, the quarter is stitched under the vamp, giving it a sleeker look that you ladies can totally pull off.

Piping: Not unlike the thin lines used to decorate cakes, piping in shoes is an edge finishing that usually provides a contrast to the upper material and colour.

Pump: The classic and most elegant of ladies shoe styles. Also known as the “court shoe”. Pumps can be high heeled or flat with a variety of toe shapes but the key is that they are closed at the front, keeping your tootsies covered.

Quarter: The quarter is the rear and sides of the shoe’s “upper”. It’s basically the shoe equivalent of shapewear. Quarters are often strengthened with a stiffener to support the foot and keep the shoe from spreading out at the sides.

Sandal: The most playful of ladies shoe styles, open at the toe and the back. Synonymous with summer and riotous colours. sometimes held together by the wispiest strips of leather. Put them on and transform yourself into a Goddess.

Shaft: Above the foot and covering the leg, the shaft is the tall portion of a boot that hugs your calf.

Stiletto: Stilettos are super-skinny heels that elongate your legs, making you feel impossibly alluring. The higher the heel, the better you’ll feel, so long as the fit and comfort are right.

Tassel: A symbol of power and prestige. Think rich brocade curtains and graduation caps. They look great hanging on handbags and even better on loafers and mocassins.

Tongue: No, not the organ in your mouth but the strip of material that runs under the laces of your shoe. It makes it easier for you to slip into the shoe and prevents the laces chafing in your skin.

Waist: That middle section of a shoe, between the quarter and the vamp that covers your arches.

Vamp: The front part of the shoe that helps to stabilize the foot. It’s also the most decorated and embellished part of your footwear. Whether it’s with bows or tassels, Swarovski or studs, the vamp is the window to your shoe.

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